Welcoming new practitioners to the team

Welcoming new practitioners to the team

From an integral point of view both of these new additions to the team offer an Upper Left, internal self aspect, Lower Left, relational aspect and with the Metamorphic technique an Upper Right, body aspect.

Andrea Robinson is a member of the Association of Life Coaches and is passionate and dedicated in her approach to Life Coaching. She has over 30 years experience in mental health nursing which includes not only practical management of mental health, but also in the role of teacher and mentor to those who have trained. She also has qualifications in cognitive behavioural psychology.

She really is dedicated to helping you get to where you want to be in your life and whether you are lacking motivation or confidence, or just don't know what steps to take to move forward, Andrea can help you to take the steps necessary to change your life to the direction you want.

As an introductory offer, Andrea is generously giving away a first FREE session to anyone who books with her at the centre in June.

More information about Andrea and contact details for booking can be found on her page in the practitioners section of the website.

Sue Penrose-Gould has her background in education as well as a BA in Psychology. Much of her interested has been in the esoteric and shamanic practices as well as being a forest schools teacher. Sue offers a great range of experience which comes from her years of offering everything from Reflexology, Reiki, meditation and mindfulness. She is also qualified to offer her Metamorphic Technique , Soul Work and Reiki with animals. With the Metamorphic Technique Sue is also a qualified teacher of the system.

This great wealth of knowledge and experience present themselves through Sue in a gentle yet reassuring manner. She is dedicated to supporting development in both adults and children through a number of approaches to help restore peace and calm in to their lives and to encourage the conditions necessary for self-healing.

As an introductory offer Sue is kindly offering to give a 20% discount to new clients when booking any time over the summer. I really suggest you make the most of both these kind offers from Andrea and Sue to help shift your life to another level of being. As part of Integral Health we are always here to encourage you to transcend your current level of being, including all the best bits of what you have gained so far, but moving forward to discover the new jems that lie ahead.

More information about Sue and her contact details can be found on her page in the practitioners section of the website.

Once again I extend a hearty welcome to Sue and Andrea and look forward to seeing all the fabulous support they offer the community here in Shrewsbury in the coming months. Keep your eyes on our events pages as they have both spoken about training and workshops to be coming up in the near future.

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