Health Coaching

How does Health Coaching work?

Health Coaching looks at many different aspects that can contribute to your wellbeing. This can include nutrition, exercise, stress management, emotional health, detoxification, sleep and the mind-body connection.

What can Health Coaching help with?

Health Coaching is tailored to each individual and what they would like to achieve. It can help those with ongoing health issues as well as those who wish to optimise their health. Here are some examples of what a health coach can help with: Fatigue, gastrointestinal issues e.g. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, weight management, muscle and joint pain, food sensitivities, brain fog, stress reduction, sleep issues, hormonal imbalances.

What does an appointment look like?

Our Health Coach will sit down with you and do a full health history analysis of how you got to where you are now. This gives you the time to be fully heard and all areas of your life taken into account. They will then discuss with you what you would like to achieve from the sessions together and formulate a plan with achievable goals as to how you can get there. Recommendations on lifestyle adjustments, nutrition, sleep, stress management, supplementation and mindset will be made. You will be given an easy to follow written supplement and wellness plan following your appointment along with any additional guides or information you may need.

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Health Coaching is Offered at the Centre by:

Ben Calder

Integral Health Practitioner & Centre Founder

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Maria Franklin

Natural Health Practitioner KFRP BSc(Psychology)

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Clare Willetts

Registered Nutritional Therapist, Health & Fitness Coach

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Andrea Lines

Holistic Practitioner

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