Kinesiology and Nutrition

Kinesiology can also be used to help us understand which foods could be most beneficial for your body, and to create a diet plan specifically tested for you and your current state of health. Whilst the body likes to obtain it's nutrients from food, there can be imbalances which are most readily helped by taking a supplement for a period of time and kinesiology can be used to test not just which nutrient is needed, but the specific brand and amount that could be most beneficial. Correct nutrition also provides the building blocks for the body to make the changes you want to see as a result of other kinesiology techniques or any therapy including massage, bowen and physiotherapy. For more information visit the nutrition page.

What to expect in a session?

Each session lasts about an hour (40-60 mins for children) and you lie down on a couch fully clothed. If lying down is physically uncomfortable, you could sit up for the session. The practitioner will then explain each stage of the work as you progress through finding and calibrating the working muscle, stabilising the body's meridian system and generating the specific factors needed for your body. All of this is done with the body's full permission so that only those aspects which will support your health and well-being are carried out. You remain in control of the direction and pace of the work the whole time because it's your body that is choosing what we do and how we do it and like every living organism it wants to thrive and will do everything it can to achieve that goal.

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Kinesiology is Offered at the Centre by:

Ben Calder

Integral Health Practitioner & Centre Founder

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Maria Franklin

Natural Health Practitioner KFRP BSc(Psychology)

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