Crystal Therapy

How do we use Crystals in a session

In crystal therapy we bring together different structures and colours of crystal. These can then be used in combination or isolation to influence the energy vibration of the body. It is the coherent structure of a crystal and its stability that we benefit from. When our own body energy is in a state of disorder or disharmony, the clarity of the crystals' own nature is like a beacon for us to move towards, giving us a sense of harmony to match and model. To determine which crystals to use and what type of layout or application is necessary, gentle muscle testing techniques from Kinesiology are used. This allows the client's body to select exactly what it wants and how it wants it to be used for the most appropriate period of time. Giving us a very powerful and uniquely tailored session for each individual in response to the most appropriate and priority issues at that time. The crystals will then be placed on or around the body, sometimes in conjunction with a background colour or other energy tools such as essences or aromatic oils. These will then be left in place for a time determined by muscle testing. Kinesiology can allow us to know what we need to do at each stage of a session to ensure that an appropriate amount of work is completed and only what you are ready to change will be addressed.

What is Crystal Therapy

The idea that a stone could enhance our health and well-being is easily reflected in the wearing of jewellery to enhance our sense of self and our completeness. With modern crystal therapy there are two main aspects of a crystal that are of significant importance in a session. What internal structure does the crystal hold and what colour is it? The chemical matrix of a crystal which forms a fixed structure, no matter what size, shape or cut the crystal has is one of the most important features to contribute to its therapeutic potential. There are a limited number of these structures and have to do with how the atoms of the crystal have been arranged into regular lattices that all have the same axes of symmetry in the same relationship to each other. This organisational structure can be used as a guide to indicate the type of properties a crystal may have and how it can be used to support us. The colour of a crystal is very important in the effect it has for us. A crystals' colour comes from how it interacts with light and is dependent on its atomic structure. The characteristic vibration of every light frequency in the colour spectrum can affect us on all levels of our being. Each colour has its own 'pitch', rather like a musical note, and will be experienced by the body differently.

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Crystal Therapy is Offered at the Centre by:

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