Centre Crowdfunder enters critical last week - help us win

Centre Crowdfunder enters critical last week - help us win

We have just 1 week left to go and at this point we have managed to raise pledges to the total of £3275, leaving us just £1725 left to raise in the next 7 days. If we don't hit the £5000 target by 7pm on the 15th April, we don't get a single penny and all the people who have pledged get their money back!

To say things are a little tense and nervous right now is an understatement.

The concept of the Crowdfunder is simple. We tried for 18 months to get grant funding for the project which will not only support further development for the 20+ health businesses we already offer a working environment for, it will also increase the diversity of what we can offer to the people of Shrewsbury and the capacity of those we can hold when we do by a further 40%. But when it was clear that it was just not going to happen that way, we looked at other sources of funding.

Crowdfunding seems to be very successful for raising project funds in a massively diverse range of projects. We liked Crowdfunder UK as they are a UK company and they have a high success rate on their campaigns.

You select your target and time frame, in our case £5000 in 6 weeks. Then you offer up a series of rewards as incentives for people to pledge. So its not money for nothing, you get to choose what you want to receive and you get it for an average of 40% less than its normal retail value, and there are some serious bargains going in there. When you make your pledge the money is taken and held securely by PayPal. After 7pm on the 15th April and our successful completion, you can claim your reward and arrange to take receipt of it and we get our funding (thanks to your support). If for any reason we don't make target, you get your money back and we don't get a single penny. Its a really tough break, and with only 7 days left and a further £1725 left to be pledged, finger nails are starting of be eyed up and the feeling of pressure is palpable.

Can you help us? Simple as it sounds, we need help to meet this target, if we as a business are going to progress, we need the support of the various communities we are connected to to be successful.

If we could get just 173 people to pledge £10 or 345 people to pledge £5, we would smash our target right now. It's not a massive amount to ask and comes with the feelgood factor of knowing you have helped a community business, that supports other local businesses to continue to develop, thrive and support the community its part of.

If you don't just want to give for the sake of giving, then the amazing list of rewards we still have is as follows

- CHI KUNG classes for a year normally £240 for £150
- 8 week MINDFULNESS course normally £195 for £125

- 4 COACHING sessions Personal/Professional/Relational normally £200 for £125
- MOUNTAIN BIKE coaching session/guiding day 4 people normally £200 for £125
- CIRCLING weekend workshop normally £175 for £100
- 3 sessions BOWEN or KINESIOLOGY normally £135 for £100
- RECLAIMING YOUR SHADOW workshop normally £130 for £80
- ACUPUNCTURE 2 sessions normally £90 for £60
- KINESIOLOGY 2 sessions normally £70 for £50
- CRYSTAL THERAPY 2 sessions normally £70 for £45
- INTUITIVE HEALING session normally £65 for £45
- INTEGRAL SINGLES membership normally £65 for £40
- SUBSTANCE REACTION TESTING normally £60 for £40
- RELATIONSHIP coaching normally £60 for £35
- KINESIOLOGY for CHILDREN 3 sessions for 2 normally £75 for £50
- EMMETT or NUTRITIONAL TESTING normally £40 for £30
- TALK Blessed by Bacteria £5
- BOWEN/KINESIOLOGY 50% off for pledge of £5
- SHAMANIC DRUMMING pledge of at least £5

- DELUXE 2HR AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE normally £118 for £80

To claim one of these you just have to

  1. Go to our Crowdfunder Campaign page athttp://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/community-training-space-health-and-well-being

  2. Click on the big PLEDGE button on the right side of the page

  3. Select the reward you would like to pledge for

  4. Follow the payment instructions

  5. Receive our gratitude for being a community/business legend

So as you can see it is much more than money for old rope, you get a chance to have a really amazing gift in return for your support. I don't know that we can make it any more Integral than that, supporting others supports you as well.

We are having an Open Day at the Centre on Saturday 11th April from 10-4pm, os if you want to come down and see what you money will be going towards, have a taster treatment (all donations going to the fund), join in a mini workshop of Mindfulness, Circling, Chi Kung, make live pledges, eat some (healthy) cake and have tea while chatting to our practitioners about any health questions you have then please check out the event and come and see us. This will be the last big push before our deadline.

Thank you so much for all your support, we really have been overwhelmed by the help and encouragement we've had along the way. Please help us to go that last bit and be fully successful

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