Treating Hayfever with Homeopathy

Treating Hayfever with Homeopathy

For some of you, you are smack in the middle of your hayfever season. Take a look at some of the simple, useful and side-effect-free ways you can help yourself in this great short blog by Homeopath Rebecca Dove


"This time of year I’m inundated with enquiries with people suffering from hay fever and all the associated allergic symptoms.

What I do this time of year is support patients therapeutically with their hayfever symptoms, but the actual best time to prevent the allergic reaction is out of season.  When symptoms are active we can support you to feel relief and manage anything from itching, fatigue, sneezing, runny noses, and breathing issues.  Out of season, we work holistically to do preventative work and ideally to switch off the reactions longer term.  If you are suffering I'm more than happy to have a chat with you about what's going on and come up with a plan for working together on hayfever support and prevention.


Here are some classic hayfever suggestions for support remedies in the meantime, but I will say they are more effective alongside constitutionally strengthening treatment that you can only really get from a consultation:


If your eyes are the number one issue for you - swelling, soreness, itching, weeping and grittiness - try Euphrasia - also brilliant in eye infections and otherwise known herbally as eyebright getting some homeopathic Euphrasia could be an eye saver this summer.


If you're sneezing, and profuse watery corysa running from the nose, possibly one side only at a time, it seems to affect the chest and your symptoms are worse Spring and August - try Allium Cepa - the remedy made from the onion


If your sneezing is the main symptoms, repeated and constant with being anywhere near grass seeming like the culprit then Sabadilla is worth a try.


There are lots of other remedies that can help with specifics, but one that might work for all is off-season try starting with a 30c and using it as needed.  Before the season taking mixed pollens 30c once a month from say January onwards can make a surprising difference to your symptoms come the pollen season.


If you'd like to talk all things hayfever with me, please feel free to book a free curiosity call and we can discuss a plan that might work for you on and off the hayfever season."

You can contact Rebecca via her page here

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