The Mind and Migraines

The Mind and Migraines

Every Habit of Action is Driven By a Habit of Thought

According to the NHS Online the exact cause of migraines is unknown, but they're thought to be the result of abnormal brain activity temporarily affecting nerve signals, chemicals and blood vessels in the brain.

I am not sure if the word abnormal is correct but certainly from my experience working with clients with physical issues like migraines, tinnitus and even fibromyalgia, the nervous system is in play every time.

Although other factors like diet and external environment can also play a crucial role with the on set of migraines, it is well documented that calming the nervous system using methods like hypnosis and meditation can really help.

Henry Maudsley is quoted as saying 'The sorrow that has no vent in tears may make other organs weep' but what does that mean?

Imagine you are filling up a balloon with water, where the balloon represents your body and the space inside the balloon (the air) represents your mind.

As the water fills up the balloon it stretches until all the air is expelled and there is no space left.

If you then settled the balloon on something solid grounding it and just let go, the water will escape, let’s pretend the water are tears in this case, we all know how much better we feel after a cry right?

Once all the water has gone, the balloon can never be the same again as it has stretched, but it could be refilled once more.

If you follow the same process again and fill the balloon up, but this time tie the top and let it wobble around uncontrollably this is the same as a painful migraine.

The balloon is designed to be stable and normally this would be through the use of air.

The water in this case may represent stress, worry, self doubt all installed in you by others, there is no space for who you are.

You see every part of us, even the parts we hate believe they have some, role, function, purpose or intention.

The migraine in fact is trying to protect you, wake you up, tell you something isn’t right.

I once had a client who suffered with terrible migraines, he did have a stressful job but not one he could attribute to being stress out, although he described it more as being unfulfilled.

Many of his migraines would occur late Saturday on a Sunday, so you may conclude the reason was because he was thinking about going back to work to a job, he didn’t feel fulfilled in. Well this is only part of the puzzle,so what was the root cause?

His own father was very successful but also suffered from migraines.

My clients relationship with his father was not great and he never was praised by his father, the more he worked the more his father expected of him.

All he wanted as a child was for his father to be proud of him.

In his own right as an adult he was successful.

The root cause of his migraines.

The part thought that if he was successful he would not be happy or loved, he formed the migraines to make connection, and the migraines role was to keep him at home with those he loved and not at work, because work and success meant disconnection.

The migraine didn’t understand he had grown up.

Releasing this part, this feeling and disconnecting it from this childhood memory meant the client was instantly free from migraines in one session.

You see that part was a neuro-electrical signal created as part of the client's defence mechanism to keep him safe, the mind was doing it’s job hence why it isn’t really abnormal, it was normal to his mind.

The mind is here to keep you alive and not happy. It loves the familiar, hates the unfamiliar and does exactly what you tell it.

The challenge is many of those signals or programs are running automatically and like putting a computer into safe mode to clean up viruses, hypnosis and transformational hypnosis allows us to find the root cause to the issue quickly and reprogram the mind to now serve you as you want it, empowering you to change your life.

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