Heart to Heart with Horses

Heart to Heart with Horses

In our latest blog, Centre practitioner Maria Franklin talks about how connecting to the heart-field of horses can contribute to our health and wellbeing


Your heart generates a powerful field which reaches out several feet around your body. Every time your heart beats, it produces many different frequencies, each carrying a different type of information which is communicated to your whole body.


The heart has a larger electromagnetic field and higher level of intelligence than the brain. While the human heart field can be measured up to 8 or 10 feet around the body, the electromagnetic field from the horse’s heart is five times larger, stronger and more coherent. In this way it can influence our own heart field and is why we often feel better in the presence of horses.


Horses have helped humans to release emotions, heal from trauma and become more aware of their behaviour. Standing within the heart field of the horse can have a healing effect on our own heart field as it begins to sync with the horse. I have seen friends become unexpectedly emotional while standing with the ponies, as their hearts connected.


I’ve always loved hanging out with the ponies and felt the power of their hearts. I was walking with our older pony recently and asked her to tell me about the heart field.


It’s everything you see and everything you know” was what I heard.


I needed time to consider what this meant.


The human heart field is responsible for co-ordinating and communicating to the whole body field as well as exchanging information with others around us.


I realised that what we ‘see’ with the heart can be different to what we ‘see’ with the eyes and the brain, which can create a feeling of discord and unease. If we live and connect through the heart then we are more in tune with our authentic self which can lead us more easily to harmony and peace.


The other aspect of “everything you know” prompted me to consider how ‘head knowing’ has come to be considered superior to ‘heart knowing’. There are some things we just ‘know’ - when something sits comfortably with us, or not. I have found that if my head and my heart cannot agree, then I am often missing some important information that when it comes to light will make sense of everything, even if it is some time later.


It’s easy to lose connection with our heart when there are so many external pressures to be, or not be, a certain way. If we start to connect to who we truly are, accepting and appreciating ourselves and the world around us, we can begin to stand quietly in the steadfast knowing of our true selves.


Your heart is a truly powerful way of influencing both your own body and the world around you. You can consciously generate a field of love, peace and joy for your heart to broadcast for your own and others well being.


If you have the opportunity to stand in the heart field of horses, tune into your own heart, generate positive emotions, connect to how you feel and how the horses are responding.

Also, please remember that they have a choice to connect with you or not, they may be busy with other matters.


It would be lovely to hear your feedback and any experiences you have with the horses.




Contact Maria  for details of how to set up your free NES account and be able to access Imprinted Music and Infoceuticals to support your Heart Field https://centreforintegralhealth.com/about-us/our-practitioners/maria-franklin/

Or use the link below - https://portal.neshealth.com/user/create/SDRzSUFBQUFBQUFFQUROa01HQXdZakJtTUdRQUFGWWtCNHdLQUFBQQ__


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Photo Credit to Mayte Roger http://www.coachingconcaballosnp.com/

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