Embracing the Fire - Childhood Trauma

Embracing the Fire - Childhood Trauma

In our latest blog, Systemic Constellations practitioner Fran Pretsch gives us an insight in to her latest training in childhood trauma.
I recently attended a further training for my work with Childhood Trauma. The training was called “Embracing the Fire - Childhood Trauma” and was organised by the Feld Institut in Cologne, Germany. Two experienced trainers delivered the training over four days, with lots of theoretical input and practical exercises.
This training was for already qualified and experienced systemic facilitators who wanted to deepen their childhood trauma knowledge and practice. Over the four days it just became apparent again how our own childhood traumas show up still in our adult lives, often without us being consciously aware of it.
Childhood Traumas are the root cause of so many struggles we feel as adults in life. Often these traumas show up as hidden dynamics that still influence us and keep us from moving forward. Key signs are when for example we remain stuck in a place in life that we don’t want to be in, but nothing we do seems to make any difference. Or we have strong emotions about a reoccurring situation and feel triggered a lot by it without being able to shift it.
But there can be many more signs that something is going on. Often we think of traumas as really big events. But anything that feels overwhelming and can’t quite be resolved or integrated can be called a trauma. It then becomes somehow stuck in our body and we can’t seem to shift it or express it in words.
This is why trauma work is on the body level to get deeper into it and to open up a way to resolve it. Having a systemic perspective on trauma also means to see the hidden dynamics that are influencing us still and that we can only resolve when we bring awareness to them. In this way systemic work is very empowering as it allows you to find your own solutions with more awareness and understanding of where you are at in life. This training was about further developing my skills in working with childhood trauma in a systemic way.
We also did some work on our own unresolved issues that we still carry as practitioners. Because we never stop learning and evolving, even when we are professionals. In fact, as practitioners it’s even more important to do our own work to not bring it into our work with our clients.
This training gave me even more insights into childhood trauma and how to use powerful ways to resolve them with my clients. And it showed me again how important it is that we as adults work with our own traumas, especially so that we don’t put them forward onto our children. In some form, we all deal with traumas at different levels that we have experienced in our lives. And it’s always up to us to commit do our own inner work and learning so that we can consciously choose our own paths in life.
I am very grateful for all the new learning and the new strength this brings to my business and work in the world. I feel even more equipped now as a systemic facilitator and grounded in deep understanding of my clients’ experiences.
If you want to explore further the possibilities of my work for you, I always offer a free 30 minutes exploration call to find out more about me and my work. Just get in touch and book yours and see whether this could benefit you too. https://centreforintegralhealth.com/about-us/our-practitioners/franziska-maria-cecchetti-pretsch/
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