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Franziska Maria Cecchetti-Pretsch

Franziska Maria Cecchetti-Pretsch

Advanced Facilitator of Systemic Constellations, NLP Business Practitioner & Life Coach

We are all born barefoot.
And then we put shoes on…
I am passionate about being barefoot.
Not just physically, but emotionally.
What I mean by this is that when we are born, we are all born barefoot, with our unique footprints.
We are connected to life and to walking our own path.
And we meet the world with an open heart and a natural curiosity and willingness to experience life fully.
Including connecting deeper with the other people around us and with the natural world.
But then we learn to put shoes on.
We cover up and we think we need to protect ourselves emotionally. 
We learn that vulnerability isn’t good and that showing our inner wildness isn’t really what others feel is appropriate.
Often as children we pick up from the adults around us that it’s safer to cover up and put barriers in place so that we can’t be hurt or overwhelmed.
Being barefoot is too vulnerable, too risky, too dangerous.
And so you also cover up, but with that you also cover up your ability to connect deeper and to trust your own gut instinct.
You continue living life like this until you encounter issues on your life’s path that somehow don’t seem to go away, no matter what you try.
It could be that you have issues with the connection to yourself.
You might feel that you don’t know what you really want, that you have lost direction in life, that you don’t know who you are.
You might feel very self conscious in your body and have a negative self image that prevents you from doing things in your life that you really want to do.
It could be that you have issues with connections in your family, your family of origin or your own current family.
Somehow there seem to be conflicts and arguments all the time and people in your family trigger you on a regular basis.
Often this triggering can go very deep as it has to do with your deepest emotional wounds and learned childhood patterns.
Especially when you have children, you know exactly the situations when they bring out the worst behaviour in you.
I always say they are our greatest teachers because they know where our weak spots are.
But it’s also similar with your parents or close family members or your partner.
Sometimes it can be very hard to stay true to yourself and not get reactive when conflicts arise and issues are showing up repeatedly.
Getting triggered and reacting can bring so many feelings of guilt and shame and make it hard to really look at what is going on.
I facilitate so called Barefoot Connections.
Where you can take off the shoes and the barriers that you put up and that are preventing deeper connections.
My background in systemic work allows me to find the hidden dynamics that are ongoing underneath the issues you are experiencing.
This work brings a deeper and wider perspective on anything that is currently unresolved.
With a so called “living map” you can see a lot clearer what is going on and how you came to the place you are in right now.
This allows to get a deeper understanding  and opens doors to solutions that you weren’t able to see before.
My work enables you to find the resources and clarity in you that you need to move forward on your own unique path.
The connections to yourself and to others in your family can become calmer and deeper.
It opens the space for deeper communication, more togetherness and sharing closer space with each other.
This work shows whatever the right way forward for you is that allows you to feel more empowered, clearer and at ease.
I work with individuals, couples, parents and even whole families.
Often issues in families aren’t simply resolved by working either with the children or the adults.
My systemic sessions include the whole family and I work out a package with you that suits wherever you are at right now.
This inclusion of different perspectives makes it possible to see issues from different point of views.
Resources can be found easier when all are involved and solutions together as a family are stronger and more sustainable. 
I also work with professionals who feel that their own work is still influenced by patterns from their childhood.
These patterns often show up when we work with other people, especially children.
Many professionals I have worked with experience more strength in their own work from clearing these childhood patterns.
As otherwise they can really drain you and influence how you relate to people that you are trying to support.
So if this is something that might benefit you in your own work, then reach out and tell me more about what is showing up for you right now.
My clients come from many different backgrounds and countries. 
Many have issues with their family of origin or within their current family.
Often they come with problems with their children and aren’t sure what is really behind the conflicts and tension in the family.
They wish that the connections could be deeper again or that communication can be more open and at ease.
Issues in families often result in anxiety, stress, tension, panic, overreacting and generally feeling very overwhelmed.
Especially with lockdown, staying at home and contact issues this has caused huge stress for children and parents, and families in general.
My clients describe the results of my work as…
“Somehow everything fell into place and made sense”
“Feeling calmer about my life and trusting myself to find solutions”
“Understanding where people in my family come from and creating a more open communication”
“Working out a more secure ground to stand on for our family that brings more ease and calmness”
“Feeling more at ease with my body and having more energy”
I always do a first 30 minutes call to find out more about you and your situation.
As I believe that we need to feel it’s the right fit in order to work together. 
Then we can find the best way forward for our work.
At the moment most of my work is online and it works exactly the same as a personal meeting.
But if you are local in Shrewsbury, I am also doing walk and talk sessions if it is appropriate.
I work in English and German.
My approach is flexible and non judgemental.
As I believe we all have our unique life stories that is influenced by so many different aspects.
The main thing is to understand how certain patterns from the past are still influencing you today.
With that understanding you can integrate all that has happened so far into who you are now.
And then move forward from this place with more strength and awareness.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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I am a life long learner and seeker, with a passion for travelling and getting to know the world and people in all places in life. I am fascinated by the uniqueness and variety of people and their individual life experiences and life situations.


I bring all of my creativity and presence into this work. Being highly committed to my own growth, I always seek ways to improve my own abilities and reach further out of my own comfort zone. I work very flexible and in the moment, working wherever you are at in your life right now.


I always try to get to know you in your unique place in life to benefit you the most. Having worked with so many different people of different ages, stages in life and cultures, I tune into your own space and what is required for you right now. We work together in a very safe and flexible space, enabling you to find your own answers and steps forward.


Having been a leader over many years, I am able to do this work from a stable and strong place within myself, allowing you to explore and find out what you need whilst guiding you in your process. What I love about constellations work is that it's gentle yet so powerful and life changing, with the widest possible view on your situation, including all that you are and all the possible ways forward. It makes you a lot more connected to your life and your potential and makes you use your inner resources to the fullest. As leaders this is so crucial to prevent burn out and health issues in this fast paced world.


My own daily commitments are also in connecting to nature every day so you will find me outside every day, running barefoot and enjoying meditation and yoga. My unique personality trait is to live as much barefoot as I can, either totally without shoes or with barefoot shoes. I believe the most powerful work comes from being connected to the ground and my own inner strongest place and inner resources at all times. And this is what I am committed to do to bring the most beneficial work to you all every day!

Diploma in Social Pedagogy and Social Work in Germany

Degree in Philosophy in Germany

NLP Practitioner and NLP Business Practitioner in the UK

Life Coaching certificate in the UK


Facilitator and Advanced Facilitator Training for Systemic Constellations at the Centre for Systemic Constellations in London, UK


Registered with the Life Coach Directory UK https://www.lifecoach-directory.org.uk/lifecoaches/franziska-maria-cecchetti-pretsch

Member of ISCA, International Systemic Constellations Association

Professional Insurance: IPTI - ndependent Professional Therapists International


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I had four Bowen sessions each about three weeks apart, after the first session I felt a notable difference in my posture and in the strength of my spine, strangely I felt taller. By the fourth session I knew that my discomfort had been resolved and I am now able to move much more freely and flexibly without worrying about my back.

I've been working with Ben for just over a year now and have found his support incredibly helpful. Most recently, Ben has taught me specific techniques for managing emotional response and staying calm and in control during moments of extreme pressure. Ben's walk and talk sessions are fantastic and I would highly recommend him!

Went very well. Was very happy with how friendly and welcoming it all was, and the treatment was at the highest quality.

I'd also like to say that the appointments I have had with you have made such a big difference to my life. Although it's been hard cutting things out of my diet, I can't believe how much my skin has improved since my appointment with you. I will continue to recommend you to my family and friends because as I have said, the appointments I have had with you over the years have improved my well-being so much!

Went there yesterday for my first yoga session. It's a great little place. Didn't know it was there until a few months ago. I also go there often to have a massage which I love!

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