Why is there a need for ethical, heart-centred business?

Why is there a need for ethical, heart-centred business?

Certainly as I have gone through certain stages in my development (Pluralistic), have been at odds with the corporate machine and its seeming lack of morals and consideration for the world we live in, the creatures and ecosystems we share it with and the devastation that can bring. Plus the inevitable ending of our species as well as others when we work very much from that corporate greed perspective. I am very much aware of the impact, covered so well in things like the Story of Stuff or Ethical Consumer

But what I do recognise is that the growth out of the mythic mind set into rational is what allowed the creation of global brands, mass corporations and marketing to the scale it is now. How that has allowed a global connection of people though these commonalities (i.e Coke Cola or McDonalds). I don't like the cultural or environmental impact of these, coming from that rational to pluralistic point, as they have certainly done their damage along the way. But I can't help but be impressed that they have managed to use the tools of marketing to create this place for themselves in business and the lives of so many people. And it can clearly have a productive impact. The evolution into pluralism has created a better view of world and even Kosmocentrism (where the effect on all of us, everything) is considered, but at the price of throwing the baby out with the bath water in terms of the contributions of the amoral rationalistic model of global marketing.

I have also seen what happens when individuals who want to make a better world or want to use this platform for promoting healthier, more ethical, more heart-centred business either succeeds or fails. Often (I believe) because of how their own thinking and level of development has limited them, affected their ability to engage with the best of the old global marketing model while holding the best of the pluralistic and integral morals at the same time (Good Old Transcend and Include)

I'm not so sure, giving Integral Institute as an example, how possible it is to do a true global brand that can successfully hold the best of all those levels of development to make itself successful, or what it would take to develop a healthy, ethical, heart-centred global brand/product. And this is where I am asking for you help.

What, as integral scholars, as business people, as consumers with morals and ethics and a desire for more heart-centred business; seen as healthy, successful, repeatable examples of this kind of business. What are your links, connections, advice and suggestions for being able to take the idea my brother and I have for a way of practicing health and making it into a global product that can be used to enhance the lives of practically everyone, in any situation, in any walk of life?

I'm offering you the chance to help us develop something that could change the lives of anyone and everyone. Not a small vision I grant you. I would value your positive and constructive suggestions and ideas, links and examples.

Thank you in advance
Ben Calder
Founder: Centre for Integral Health, Shrewsbury UK

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