Time for an Immune Boost

Time for an Immune Boost

It’s that time of year again, the coming winter is clear in the skies and in the increasing darkness.

As we transition between the seasons, finding ways to support our immune system can help keep us feeling well and healthy.

Your immune system differentiates self from non-self and includes the organs and body processes that deal with infections and toxins.

Over many decades Natural Health practitioner Maria Franklin and her immune system have come to an understanding.

She says: “I tested it in many ways, mostly unknowingly, but I learnt a lot from it. I fed my body with gluten which I eventually discovered it doesn’t like - it messes with my gut which is the main home of my immune system - and it affects my head. So my immune system is now much happier that I avoid it and I feed it foods it likes and that can support it.

`’My long-suffering immune system was tested by the toxic metals leaking from fillings I had been given as a child, and which came to a head in my 40s. I didn’t find a ‘name’ for my symptoms but realise now that they reflected many autoimmune symptoms and chronic fatigue.

“It’s hard to believe now but the internet was in its infancy then and it was much harder to find information, whereas now we have so much information it’s hard to know what applies to us and our health.

“Fortunately (long story short!) I eventually found a consultant who understood my problems and with the removal of the mercury fillings and a plan to enable my body to gradually remove the mercury hiding deep in my cells, I regained my health. I’ve been really well since then and I’ve not had any kidney issues either. Toxic metals and other noxious substances can really mess with our body systems.

“This was also a turning point in another way as he used kinesiology to test for levels of heavy metals and what I needed to do to recover. It inspired me to train in kinesiology and I find it a wonderful tool for accessing what we need to do to become and remain well. Recently I have also been working with the NES BioEnergetix Scanning system which can highlight priority areas where immune support could be beneficial and offer remedies called Infoceuticals to correct the body field.”

Maria says there are many things we can do to support and work with our immune system. It can be as simple as taking out and avoiding the stuff that is hindering us, and putting in and seeking out those things that support us.

One of the best ways to support your immune system is to eat foods in their natural state, fresh as possible and unprocessed, and to have a contented mind.

Equally important is avoiding those foods and food groups your body naturally struggles with, and managing stress.

Things to enjoy

  • good food that suits your body, fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, meditation or mindfulness,

  • fresh air and walking in nature,

  • fun and laughter,

  • good sleep,

  • and good company.


You can also benefit from finding out any nutrients that you need to supplement, including vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbs, and any support you need to help your body systems.


This will be different for each person, although Vitamin D, Zinc and Vitamin C are important. And you may benefit from a specific probiotic or combination to keep your gut in a good mood.

Maria loves a tea made with freshly squeezed lemon, fresh grated ginger and garlic, and a dash of local honey.

Things to avoid


  • refined sugars,

  • processed foods,

  • specific foods that cause you problems (often gluten grains, dairy products, or the nightshade family),

  • chemicals in personal care products

  • foods with herbicides especially those that have been sprayed with glyphosate (commonly called RoundUp),

  • too much technology,

  • and stressful situations.

Feed your body and feed your soul this winter to stay well and healthy.

You can get support through kinesiology with Maria and Ben https://integralhealthshrewsbury.com/services/kinesiology/

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