The Power of a Hug!

The Power of a Hug!

In these crazy times, we all find ourselves giving people over-exaggerated wide berths on the pavement and even crossing the road to avoid others.


When we meet someone new, we don’t hold out our hand in greeting.


When we see a friend, we hold back and don’t wrap them in a hug or a kiss.


In a few short months, the way we connect with people has completely changed.


Missing touch


“Just a simple touch on the arm from a loved one or a hug has gone,” explains Ben Calder, from the Centre for Integral Health team.


“People are nervous to touch and connect and now the role of integral health post-lockdown is to help people find a way to re-connect within the current restrictions.”


The Basic integral model


1) Mind

2) Body - its behaviours movement diet and actions

3) Culture - our relationships in society

4) The physical environment we are in.


“There has been an impact on all areas of our basic integral model since Covid 19 entered our lives - the spaces we work in, social distancing, our routines and this is changing the way the health of our body is working,” said Ben.

“Sadly, we are also not getting as much stimulation and touch. We want to help people to have healthy aspects in all four of the quadrants of the basic integral model.


“People think not having contact is the new healthy and this is a problem. We all still need a hug or to hold hands occasionally. This is one of the reasons bubbles were extended to include family members living alone - because contact is an important part of life.”

How can we help?

We know it will take people time before they feel comfortable stepping inside a therapy room so we have taken the therapy outside.


A number of our practitioners are holding walk and talk sessions connecting clients with us, and nature, and offering some calm during these difficult times.

Our online Qigong classes can also help you to explore and develop intimacy, connection and closeness with your own body through the somatic conversation of LifeForce Qigong. See our schedule here

“Right now, our services are needed more than ever and we all need to take care of our mental and physical health after the effects of the pandemic and lockdown,” adds Ben.


“While we can’t give our clients a hug, we want to tell everyone how important touch is and to make sure you hug those you can.”

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About the Centre

The Centre for Integral Health was started in 2013 by director Ben Calder after studying Integral theory since 2011 and over 10 years of professional practice of kinesiology and Bowen fascia Release Technique, coupled with the desire to explore the application of the Integral Model in relation to health.

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