Stress can cause disease ............

Stress can cause disease ............

During a discussion with practitioners about National Stress Awareness Day one of the points mentioned was that you could replace the word stress with dis-ease....because stress can cause disease.


If you don't resolve it, it can have a hugely negative impact on your body.


To mark National Stress Awareness Day 2020 our practitioner Franziska Cecchetti-Pretsch, a Systemic Life Coach, shares some of their advice and tips on managing stress:


We all have a unique life story that we carry and that influences how we feel about our lives. For me, the feeling of stress is very individual, meaning whatever causes stress for you might not be the same for another person.


Often people come to me with the feeling of stress, for example, manifested as being constantly tired, exhausted, tense in their bodies. And very often people wait a long time before they reach out for help.


It is not normal to feel stressed...


It seems that we feel we should be able to handle our stress better and it causes us often to feel guilty to reach out, and when we do reach out, often the stress has increased so much that it’s not bearable anymore. I also hear a lot from my clients that they feel everybody is stressed and so it’s a normal thing to feel stressed.


But stress that has a big impact on you for a long period of time can really have a bad impact on your health and wellbeing.


Acknowledge there is stress


So firstly you need to acknowledge that there is stress in your life and that it has an impact on you already, and don’t feel this is something too small to seek help for, even if you have already tried lots of different things to deal with your stress if it’s still having an impact, reach out.


Have an informal chat


The best is always to just have an informal chat with us about what is going on and how you feel right now. No issue is too unimportant to talk about and often people say to me they would have wished they had reached out earlier for support. Together we can look at your unique situation and get a full understanding of your stress.


This is the way forward to finding solutions together that lessens the impact of stress in your life. There are many things you can do yourself that will decrease the impact on you in the short and long term and my work is supporting you to find your own individual self-care tools to implement easily into your daily life.




We are all here to support you through whatever is challenging for you right now.

Make the first step today to ease the stress that you feel.


Just reach out. Contact us here

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