Stay-at-home parents need to take time for themselves

Stay-at-home parents need to take time for themselves

Stay-at-home parents need to take time for themselves


As a stay-at-home parent there are likely to be quite a few things on your to-do list each day - and we would bet that taking time out for yourself is not one of them!


And that is our first piece of advice….


When you are putting together a list of what needs to be done, or filling out the diary or calendar for the coming week, put in something for you.


We know it’s hard. And it may seem silly. But it’s not. It is you looking after yourself so that you are able to look after the little people that rely on you!


Number two is mind-rest, or even sleep...


Having time for peace and quiet, moments alone with your thoughts, time for your mind to relax is a must - at the centre, we always stress how important these things are, but we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to achieve.


When you have newborn babies everyone always says you should ‘sleep when they sleep’ and that’s good advice.


But that advice shouldn’t stop counting once a child is out of the newborn stage - when your two-year-old sleeps you should sleep, or at least rest your eyes, enjoy a book or a hot cup of tea.


That warm drink shouldn’t only be an option when the children are in bed at night or when you go back to work.


When your seven-year-old is at school if you are tired, take a nap! Sleeping is not cheating on your role as a stay-at-home parent - it is making a good choice that will benefit the family.


Number three is parent-led activities….


We often hear now how childcare is changing, activities are more often than not child-led to allow young people to explore their interest and imagination without being inhibited by restrictions.


But that works both ways. Especially for a stay-at-home parent. Take your needs, interests and even what you enjoy to your children, whether it be sorting the washing into whites and colours, playing chess or having a bath.


You may be surprised at how much fun activities you have never thought of can be - and how much your child will enjoy themselves as you tick off the to-do list or play the game you had nearly forgotten!


Number four is Wobbly Wednesday…..


Halfway through the week can be the toughest time if you are a stay at home parent so make sure you plan for it.


Schedule in that meet-up with friends or that catch-up cuppa for Wednesday and give yourself a pick-me-up mid-week. If you have school-age children why not set out for the school run an hour before and enjoy a walk in the fresh air with your own thoughts.


And if it is a very wobbly one, remember that our Centre of Integral Health counsellors and practitioners are always here for you.


Fresh air five……


Fresh air can do wonders but if you are a stay at home parent you may find yourself inside the house A LOT.


Make sure that at least once every week you take a walk, it can be with a pram, or with a toddler - splash in those puddles with them to bring a guaranteed smile to your face!


The majority of you reading this will think these things are a good idea but will never try them (we know, we’ve been there!) but why not do it - put it in your calendar now, for next week. One day, one hour. Give it a try.

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