Lockdown 3.0 - We are STILL here for you

Lockdown 3.0 - We are STILL here for you

Lockdown number three.


11 months since our first lockdown.


Nearly a year since many of you will have seen or hugged family members, close friends, neighbours.


Human touch, socialising, interaction, closeness - all of these things are extremely important, and not having them will impact all of us in different ways.


We have said it before but we are saying it again - we are here for you.


On the telephone, online or even outside…..many people are meeting one other person for exercise...a walk or a run.


Our practitioners are available to walk with you, talk to you, allow you to air your troubles or your worries and, in some cases, work on physical ailments to help you through this period.


Ben Calder - Integral Health Practitioner and Centre Founder

Ben is available for online and for walk and talk sessions. He can offer outdoor Lifeforce Qigong sessions and can also offer in-person sessions at our private clinic for people with a clinical need, significant pain or mobility issues, or for those that would be significantly impacted in terms of physical or mental health to not have the support.


Lucy McIvor - Counsellor Deg PCT (MBACP)

Lucy can offer counselling sessions over the phone, via video conferences and also outdoor walk and talk sessions in the Shropshire countryside.


Franziska Cecchetti-Pretsch - Advanced Facilitator of Systemic Constellations, NLP Business Practitioner and Life Coach

Fran is also available to offer her life coaching and systemic work online, over the phone and during sessions walking in the outdoors.


Marcus Matthews - Rapid Transformational Therapist, c.HYP c.RTT

Marcus provides online courses to assist with anxiety and wellbeing and is also able to run telephone and video conference RTT sessions for confidence, anxiety and PTSD too.


Jessi Carrera Maybury - Reiki Master-Teacher Theta Healing Practitioner

Jessi is available for distance reiki healing sessions. These can be for 30 minutes or 60 minutes and are all done remotely. This will be followed up with a reading and guidance card.

Also telephone and zoom Theta healing sessions. These are approx 2-3 hour deep healing sessions. Theta can be used in a whole variety of different ways to work with everything from mental health, physical illness, resolving trauma and fear to manifesting the life of your dreams.

Handwritten Tarot card readings are also available.


Tanya Green - Complementary Therapist and Yoga Teacher

Tanya is available for remote Reiki and Theta healing sessions as well as zoom yoga, meditation and Theta sessions. She is also looking forward to running some outdoor yoga sessions when the weather warms up!

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About the Centre

The Centre for Integral Health was started in 2013 by director Ben Calder after studying Integral theory since 2011 and over 10 years of professional practice of kinesiology and Bowen fascia Release Technique, coupled with the desire to explore the application of the Integral Model in relation to health.

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