Yoga - Have You Tried It?

Yoga - Have You Tried It?


When it comes to Yoga we can often fit people into a small number of categories….


Those that love Yoga and have it as an essential part of their routine…


There are those that have tried Yoga but were unsure of its benefits and have not been back to an organised class or session since….


Those that like the sound of Yoga but have not made it into a class as yet - possibly seen a few YouTube videos here and there - maybe have a beginners book…


And finally those who do not believe in ‘namby-pamby’ things like yoga and wouldn’t entertain giving it a go.


So we decided to have a chat to Tanya and Amanda - our lovely Yoga teachers at the Centre for Integral Health - about why Yoga is such a big part of their lives!


Would you recommend yoga for everybody?


Yes! The benefits are infinite but it is important to know that there are so many different styles of yoga and people can start at a place where they do not feel overwhelmed or be likely to injure themselves - yoga is not about having a competition with the person on the mat next to you, it is about you.


Why is a class or a one-to-one session more beneficial than a video or a book?


No two bodies are the same so therefore no two poses are the same. It is not easy to see whether your alignment is correct and safe and a teacher will guide you and support you as an individual. Books and online classes are a great resource but should be used in combination with live classes.


What difference can Yoga make?


We have seen people become physically strong, healing issues in their bodies and seen people come out of their shells and become more confident. Yoga creates communities of care and support which are vital in a busy world.


Do you have to be flexible to get the most out of Yoga?


No! In fact flexibility can lead to injury far more easily than a tight body. A lack of flexibility means you cannot go too deep into a pose and the muscles contract as they feel you pulling too hard as they think they need to protect the body. Over time, people often become more flexible but that is not the point of yoga - getting your leg behind your head does not enlighten you!!


Is a busy mind a barrier to being able to a relaxing Yoga session?


Yoga is a great tool to help the mind - 99.9% of humans have an overly busy mind and in Yoga we learn how to manage it and bring that businesses under control….


The next Yoga sessions at the Centre for Integral Health will be Thursday 5th September at 6pm with the Soulful Vinyasa Yoga, followed by Yin Yoga at 7.30pm, both classes are run by Tanya Green, who you can also book 1-2-1 private sessions with.


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