Changing the Body with Quantum Touch in Shrewsbury

Changing the Body with Quantum Touch in Shrewsbury

Quantum-Touch Level 1 Training by Sue Rigby

Discover healing ways in this two day workshop and begin to help yourself and loved ones along the path to improved health and well-being.

Working with the smallest particles of energy we will journey through the basics on Day One, beginning to realign bones during the first morning. You will be amazed by the possibilities. As we progress through the day you will have time to practise and reinforce the skills already learned. You will learn ways to amplify the power of the Life Force energy through the use of different techniques.

On Day Two you will learn more ways to amplify the resonance of energy and practise these skills in group and distance healings. We will work with not just the seven main chakras but also chakras eight to twelve. We will discover how to work with energy to manifest the life you desire

You will leave this workshop able to use these skills to increase the effectiveness of any healing modality you already use and will use them as part of your everyday life.

Amazing experiences can become a natural part of your life. This workshop has the power to change how you live your life.


People who have received Quantum-Touch said this about the treatments:

"I had recurring back pain. Sue used Quantum -Touch energy healing and the relief was amazing. Two and a half years on and I am still pain free."


"Thank you so very much for the Quantum-Touch Healing on my back. I hadn't realised how much pain and discomfort I was in till it went! Marvellous stuff, don't think I'll forget the feeling of my hip re-aligning."


You will learn this and more in the workshop.

For more details and to contact Sue, see her next Quantum Touch Event here

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