Working at a distance - A client's perspective

Working at a distance - A client's perspective

In our latest blog, Kinesiologist, EMMETT Technique teacher and NES practitioner Maria Franklin shares the experience of one of her clients in receiving distance treatments from her.


Working at a Distance - A client's perspective


I have always worked with people by phone, where the traveling distance is too great to make coming for sessions in person a viable option.


Now with the addition of the NES Bioenergetics scan, which can be done in your own home, we have another way to access information to work with. The remote sessions, just like the in person treatments, are designed to help you get to the root of your concerns, and to understand where you need to start to make a change.


We generally use the Body Field scan as a starting point, to highlight areas of priority to work with, and also use Kinesiology and even EMMETT to explore and clear areas you need to address. After the session you have access to the information on the scan to read at your leisure, and I email you brief notes from the session and details of any supplements or infoceuticals that can help.


In her own words, here is feedback from one of my clients on their experience with distance sessions:

"Being able to continue sessions remotely with Maria has been a blessing. Before the phone call I prepare a space in my home where I can be comfortable and really look forward to this sacred me time, where Maria brilliantly listens, guides and helps me understand my needs so that I can continue to move forward in harmony.

Between each session I note things that I want to discuss with Maria or that I have noticed about myself that follow on from the previous session, These along with the report following my full NES body scan form the starting point of the session.

As Maria is not in the room you take on a much more active role in carrying out the treatments which I find both interesting and empowering. At first I was concerned that I may not quite be doing it right, but knowing Maria is also doing it energetically, helped me overcome this and I definitely still feel the tingles, sensations and shifts that I did when on the couch. No one session is the same and its amazing how unpredictable and at the same time familiar they can feel.

Every phone session is followed up with an e-mail off Maria, where all the key points are noted. This means you can fully concentrate and relax into the session knowing you will always have a concise summary to look over again, landing in your inbox.

I really look forward to my sessions, I am on an amazing healing journey where Maria is both supporting and assisting me on all levels, physical, emotionally and spiritually, helping me by helping me get in touch with my body, its needs and desires as well as dislikes! Its amazing how sometimes it simply confirms what you already knew other times there is a lightbulb moment but always there is a sense of peace and harmony.

Whatever your reason for deciding to go to Maria for a session, I am sure you will always leave enlightened, inspired and a deep sense of peace. Knowing someone is there on your side helping you face what needs addressing is a blessing."

If you would like more information please get in touch with Maria via

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