Why the Programs of Your Childhood Impact your Well-being Now

Why the Programs of Your Childhood Impact your Well-being Now

Centre practitioner Marcus Matthews explore why our childhood patterns can still be affecting us years later in his guest blog this month


Why the Programs of Your Childhood Impact your Well-being Now – Is it time for an Upgrade?

All of us have heard of adult stress and anxiety, lack of confidence and self-esteem.

But when did that get programmed into us?

How can we find our true self again?

My clients beat anxiety, depression and regain control simply because they find out why they feel the way they do.


We are a product of our subconscious programming, like adults, babies and children can feel worried and anxious, but we are not born feeling that way it is learnt.

It is common for children to develop fears or phobias, which they learn by mimicking people around them, such as being scared of spiders or the dark.

We are hardwire from birth to survive and those rules are programmed into us.

Here are some common causes of stress and anxiety in children and teenagers, all of which are influenced by our carers:

Parents busy schedules

Education and academic expectations


The media

Family and home life issues

Parental illness



The list goes on and we call it life.

All of my clients, bar none, say “This is the problem and it started when…….”

100% of the time it never is, they are unaware of the root cause because it is subconscious

What is the truth about who we are as adults?

Let me direct you to that voice inside your head. Yes the one you hide away, the one that had those dreams or the one that tells you, you’re not good enough, different, don’t fit it, so you can’t achieve those dreams.

The one that if you told people how you felt you would be disowned, rejected, that one.

The voice you don’t speak, so you repress it, hide it. That one.

The true you, the inner child.

How did we become these self-limiting, factual automated humans who choose to survive not thrive?

When did we choose to accept our fate?

Why can’t we just fix it?

Think of your body as a computer and the mind as the operating system.

When you were born, let’s say you were running Windows 95.

As we grow, our environment creates our reality and our parents, teachers, communities and experiences are the architects and programmers, crafting us so we can survive in the world.

They taught you to use Windows 95.

But you need to run the latest version of Office, Tik Tok or Google Chrome, would it work on Windows 95?

You upgrade your computer software or upgrade your mobile phone,. If you didn’t you couldn’t use the latest apps, the programs would get viruses, then the device would crash. Worse still you might not be able to install those apps.

Sound familiar with your life?

You are happy to spend over £1000 on the latest smart phone which you keep for a few years but won’t upgrade your mind, Why?

The most power thing you possess, that controls everything you do, think, feel and rely on is your mind.

“Every habit of action is driven by a habit of thought” Marisa Peer Founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy

Why – because you’ve been taught that is who you are. Fear of change is scary

The rules of the mind are simple

1. Your minds job is to keep you alive

2. You mind loves the familiar – good or bad

3. It drives you to make connection and avoid rejection, so directs you to the things that are consistent with your thoughts.

Why is it that those with money seem to always attract money?
Why is it that those who have been subject to violence or sexual abuse continue the cycle?
Why do I always attract bad men?
Why can't I give up smoking?
Why am I fat?
Why am I depressed?
Why do I have anxiety?

It’s all familiar and the stories you tell yourself become your reality.

When you understand why your programming directs your life, then you can choose to change.

So many people are suffering with mental ill health, consciously they know what they want, but they can’t achieve true happiness because of those subconscious, automatic programs running in the background.

That inner child, that feeling, is looking for direction and it expresses it in the form of doubt, ill health, anxiety, lack of confidence. Most of us hush that child and tell it to fit in, we don’t know what it wants. We are forcing the programs onto an operating system that doesn’t want to accept the code.

Why? You are not you past, you are not your programming, you are not that child.


We can't dialogue with that child, the subconscious without help.

Techniques like Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy unlock the vault of the subconscious mind like a computer engineers find to the bugs in an operating system.

I love my work, upgrading people from the impossible to the possible.

Just as we create negative environments we can equally, effortlessly, create positive ones, with the right tools and techniques.

How amazing is that!!!!!!

You don't need pills, potions or any of that stuff we just need to upgrade your software so we can start running the latest apps to create the life you need, not the life we are told we should have.

Would you want any child to suffer?

So get in touch so we can heal the inner child and Make Your Life Count.

Marcus Matthews c.HYP cl.HYP RTT GQHP

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