What is Shiatsu?

What is Shiatsu?

As we find our way moving through Autumn and into Winter, i want to share with you a view of what shiatsu is. It can be such a supportive style of bodywork to help keep you strong and engaged with your energy to support you through the winter and all seasons.
I get asked many times what is Shiatsu, how does it work, and i always say try it out for yourself to get a real picture of its supportive value. But I’m aware of course you may want to hear firstly if it could suit you or calls out to you. Shiatsu is not massage, nor is it channeling energy through you as with the ancient art of Reiki. It is received fully clothed.
The practitioner’s hands and energy are guided by your own body to places within you needing support. This is a mindfulness practice by the practitioner, with a deep awareness of energy at its core, where the practitioner remains grounded using a sensitive skilled touch, to meet and support you fully as deep as you are willing and ready to go. This touch can unlock energy within you, into a flow that journeys deep throughout your whole being and body, helping you to be here fully.
There is no rushing, pushing or forcing for any releases or anything to happen. But a meeting between the practitioner”s energy and yours, helping bring more awareness and connection to whats is going on in your body, down through the layers of holding. The changes, releases, and deeper connection arrive on their own when you are ready. Surrendering to the practitioner”s touch, connecting in with your breath, yourself and your energy is met with encouragement to be in a flow of ease.
Sometimes releasing occurs, an unravelling within or opening up, as though filling your space more, the relief of letting go. Muscles release, shoulders drop down, breathing deepens, you ground back in your body. 
Sometimes a gathering of energy occurs, helping fill areas that felt needy or weak or painful, bringing a softness into your body’s awareness and feeling of flow and connection. As though finding stillness and presence and a nurturing feeling within you like being held by warmth as you remember your body is your home.
The gift of a shiatsu treatment, works on your body and energy, yet also holds the space for all of your emotions to be acknowledged, met and honoured. Everything we have lived through or are living through now, has an effect on our body and this can sit in us for many years causing conditions that feel painful, that we don”t understand. When we address our internal world alongside our body, shifts occur, and the flow of full presence and well-being can be engaged with. At the very least acceptance can be honoured of how we may be feeling, if we are ready and willing, and it from this place change can occur.
Shiatsu uses Chinese medicine 5 element theory in its approach to support you. Seeing you as full of energy streams that are you, that beautifully connect up as one energy field. When one stream or element is heavy with pain, emotion, overworked, unsupported, or feeling blocked, then some of the other energy streams will be effected to in trying to help keep you balanced. These streams called meridians benefit from working together in harmony. They go deep into the body, all the organs, bones, energy systems, nervous system and whole being. A Shiatsu treatment uses points along these meridians as used in acupuncture, to go into these energy streams and bring release and support. Like doorways into your deeper self.
Please contact me if you have any questions around Shiatsu or if you would like to
discuss if Shiatsu could support you. I am at The Centre For Integral Health in Shrewsbury on Tuesdays and you can contact me through my profile page https://integralhealthshrewsbury.com/about-us/our-practitioners/sarah-churcher-owen/
Sarah Churcher
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