The experience of Complementary Therapy

The experience of Complementary Therapy

This blog is a guest submission by Centre Practitioner Jessi Carrera Maybury
What is it like to work with Jessi?
I write a lot about the therapies I offer but I find it is often very helpful to understand what it is like to experience a session with me from my clients perspective.
I have recently been asking my clients to complete feedback forms, this helps me to ensure my treatments are effective and enjoyable for my clients and also to improve things for the future.
I would like to share a clients recent feedback to give you a deeper insight into the work i do and how it impacts others. I offer a range of different therapies from Reiki, Theta Healing and Spiritual Coaching to Psychic and Tarot Readings so I have many tools to help but this review is from a client that has been having a combination of Reiki, Theta Healing and Spiritual Coaching.
1) How long have you been working with Jessi?
I've been working with Jessi for just over a year.
2) What happens during a treatment? (if you were talking to someone who knew nothing about this, how would you describe it?)
To begin, Jessi spends a lot of time talking to you, asking you how you are feeling, if there’s anything in particular you would like treatment for. She makes you feel so comfortable and asks questions about your past to establish how she might be able to help. Following this, Jessi will either offer Reiki or Theta healing. Reiki is incredibly relaxing and theta goes even deeper to help change your belief system and release toxic wounds by taking you into a deep state of relaxation and using visualisation and questioning.
3) How long are your sessions with Jessi? (and is this just right, too long or too short?)
I think they are wonderfully perfect, however I’m also very aware that Jessi goes above and beyond so a shorter session would be more than acceptable.
4) How do you feel after your treatments? (both immediately after the session and in the following days?)
Absolutely amazing, lighter and clearer and better equipped to tackle anything life might throw at me.
5) How has working with Jessi helped you? Have you seen any changes in your life?
My life has changed dramatically! My relationships with my family and friends, my career and most importantly my relationship with myself are beyond anything I could ever have dreamed of.
6) How do your treatments with Jessi compare to other therapy or similar treatments you have tried in the past? (for example counselling)
This is much much deeper and produces more profound, long lasting effects. Jessi’s treatment helps to change limiting beliefs so that you can up level, heal and grow in your life. Targeting to trauma in your body and shifting it out and helping you to understand why you react to certain things the way you do.
7) Would you recommend Jessi to other people and if so why?
Absolutely, yes!! Jessi goes above and beyond, really knows her stuff and would do everything necessary to help and heal you.
If you would like ot know more about Jessi's work or to make contact to book yourself in, you can reach her through her page on the Centre website
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