Sundays are going Green with Maria Franklin

Sundays are going Green with Maria Franklin

Sundays are going Green

Sundays are Going Green 

Using the power of neuroplasticity you can restructure your world and rewire your brain.


I’ve just realised that my Sundays are going green. Ever since I can remember I’ve always seen everything in colour - including numbers, letters and weekdays.  For a long time, I thought that everyone else saw them that way as well!


I’m not sure how the letters and numbers acquired their colours, it may have been as simple as a story book while I was learning to read.  However I do have a sense of how the week days came to be red, white, yellow, blue and black.


Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays are white and were the days my dad was at home from work, everything felt complete and whole.  Wednesday is yellow and was the day we went to visit my favourite aunty who was one of those lovely people who always had time to talk to children and make you feel like you mattered. 


Tuesdays are blue, my dad was at home for part of the day but I’m not entirely sure of the full connection with blue, the colour of communication and the throat chakra. However, it was also market day, all the stalls bursting with fresh fruit and vegetables, and the incessant patter of the sellers offering their bargains and trying to draw you in.  The most exciting was the man selling delicious home-made ice-cream with a patter to match. He always made me feel like I was his most important customer :)


Saturdays are red, the day of the week we went shopping, met friends, and maybe had a drink in a cafe, a rare occurrence in those days!  It was also market day, and ice-cream time, again.  My love of ice-cream caught up with me later when I discovered my body wasn’t as keen as I was.


Sunday, however, was always black.  It was a day when we had to go to church, and although we came home to a hearty breakfast, dad wasn’t around afterwards as he had to work later.  They felt like quite dreary days.  Although as I grew up it was a day of play and catching up with family and friends, long walks, or sitting listening to music. However, the colour of Sunday remained stubbornly black, like the darkness I felt inside the old church building.


I have tried various visualisations and exercises over the years but it’s never changed.  Until now.  As I was thinking about Sunday recently, I realised that half of it had gone green, and I saw the ponies clearly on the green side.  Horses are inspiring teachers for us when we listen, as many of the people I know, who are fortunate to share their life with horses, will testify.


For a while I have been training the ponies using positive reinforcement methods, which they respond to very enthusiastically.  I thought initially that I was training them, but soon came to realise that they are also training me. They have taught me the importance of listening and responding, rather than having my own agenda without considering their choices.


Working with the ponies in this way also clarifies for me whether they understand what I am asking, and if they are able to do it.  I have begun to understand that apparently simple  verbal cues such as ‘walk on’ are often linked not to the voice, but to an action such as stepping forward, moving my hand or creating a picture.  It feels an immense privilege and very humbling that the ponies choose to come and work with me when they have the freedom to leave at any time.


As I reconnect with the idea of Sunday going green, the colour of nature and the colour of the heart chakra, I realise that the change has come about because I was working on something positive that gives me huge pleasure. Gradually, without realising it, my black day was being filled with pony love.  Although I have thoroughly enjoyed family Sundays for a couple of decades, it seems to be since I have been spending more time with the ponies, and our older pony especially who is a superstar in heart chakra connection, that the colour change has begun to happen.


When we carry out and repeat new activities, we create new neural pathways in our brain.  Our brain cells constantly respond to what we do by changing and rearranging their connections.  When we focus our thoughts and actions on new tasks we create new connections which strengthen with every repetition. Similarly, the neural connections between the cells begin to weaken when we give them no attention.


It is this neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to form new connections and pathways and change how its circuits are wired, that enables us to learn new things and develop new ways of being.


Using the power of neuroplasticity you can restructure your world and rewire your brain.


Maria Franklin MBPsP, KFRP



Maria is a Kinesiologist, Advanced EMMETT Technique practitioner and has a degree in Psychology. She is interested in all aspects of the mind and body and their interactions, and offers sessions which take a view of the whole person to help you make the changes you want to experience. Contact her via her page on the Centre website

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