Giving our bodies a chance to wake up each day

Giving our bodies a chance to wake up each day

Our bodies are truly amazing things and can achieve so much.


But they are definitely something that all of us have taken for granted at some point in our lives - we believe they deserve far more time and effort than many people give to them!


First things first


From the time we wake up in the morning our bodies start working for us immediately. Our ears listen and our eyes open when that alarm goes off, our brain signals and our muscles leap into action when we jump out of bed.


Leaping out of bed to an alarm is quite a different action for our bodies, compared to when you wake up naturally, have a bit of a stretch, roll over…..


A quick stretch


The thing is…….the stretching, wake-up process is part of what your body needs to get itself ready for the day.


Even when the alarm has gone off to let you know it is time to get up - try stretching before you do so, curl and roll up into a ball to get those muscles ready and wake up the body.


And when you get up, roll onto your side and use an arm to push yourself to a seated position and support the spine rather than putting all the strain in your lower back as you heave yourself up!




Once you reach lunchtime it is an automatic move to get something to eat because your body is hungry - it needs its fuel.


But have you thought about mindful eating?


There is a lot of research that suggests you should not eat at your desk - due to a lack of exercise, not stretching out those muscles mid-way through the day, too much snacking and no real meal eating.


Drinking too much liquid with a meal can also dilute stomach acid and digestive enzymes, making it more difficult for your body to digest food.




And even when it comes to getting ready to rest we can remember the effect our choices make on our bodies once more.


Letting the body relax and unwind is a great tool for better sleep and better rest. The reason why it is more common to have a bath in the evening before bed and not after breakfast is because it it is a relax and unwind tool that prepares your body for a good night of sleep.


And the same goes for your mind - switching off tech an hour or two before bedtime allows the mind to slow down and relax before sleep… is something we have traditionally done - usually with a book before we switch out the light.


Many people now use meditation before bed, to encourage deep sleep, without waking up in the middle of the night and prevent intense dreaming and sleep disruptions.


From our hearts to our eyes, our super-computer brains, our nerves, muscles, hair and skin - everything about the body and how it works is truly amazing.


We really believe you should give it something in return for all of its hard work 24/7!

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