Diabetes & homeopathy can it make a difference?

Diabetes & homeopathy can it make a difference?

Diabetes & homeopathy – can it make a difference?

As we approach "World Diabetes Day", our resident homeopath Rebecca Dove-Thomas talks about how homeopathy can help support this difficult and debilitating illness.

"Writing this in the wake of the mega sugar fest that is Hallowe’en does seem somewhat ironic. Kids are encouraged to consume a huge amount of sweet stuff and food that has zero nourishment and a whole host of problems around it. I’m absolutely not here to be the monster that stops the fun, but it’s about bringing in some awareness and balance.

As a homeopath we know all diseases have a connection to mind & spirit and in diabetes it is said to be associated with a strong unsatisfied desire for love, along with an inability to accept love and absorb it unconditionally, mirroring the way the body can’t accept sugar or the sweetness of life. It’s certainly an interesting place to start when looking at the whole person and what the root of their ‘dis-ease’ might be.

World Diabetes Day really highlights that this is a disease that for the most part is preventable. What causes the problem, at least on a physical level for type two patients is diets high in sugar and salt, increased stress (never underestimate the impact stress has on your wellbeing), obesity and lack of activity. Other factors like high blood pressure and polycystic ovaries can also make you more susceptible.

But there is also likely to be an underlying emotional or mental aspect that also is contributing to the problem and it’s often surprising how working closely with our thoughts and feelings can make a huge difference too.

So alongside changing habits, no matter what the diagnosis is homeopathic support can play a big part in living with and preventing diabetes, and having a long and healthy life.

Just a bit of useful background…

Diabetes Mellitus comprises a group of common metabolic disorders that share the phenotype of hypoglycaemia (increased level of glucose in blood plasma). Diabetes type one is normally a condition developed young, although I have worked with people who have developed it later in life through trauma or adverse effects of medication. It requires medication and insulin to manage. Type 2 is brought about by lifestyle in the main, stress, poor diets high in sugar and sedentary lifestyles. No matter which diagnosis it is a disease that can have considerable impacts and long-term health difficulties.

It's not just enough to know about it, we all need an awareness of diabetes holistically and how we can prevent it my job to pass on that using homeopathy can help to alleviate symptoms and prevent it altogether.


Taking better care of yourself and consulting a homeopath to look at your underlying wellbeing and support pre-diabetic symptoms.- as well as addressing diet and activity levels can help to prevent it tipping over into type 2 diabetes or working alongside conventional medicine to ensure a long and healthy life for those affected more severely both types.

Homeopaths don’t treat names diseases but if someone consults us looking to manage their diabetes better, we always look to treat the whole person, but we can look at specific therapeutic remedies that will support symptoms such as excess urination, blood sugar levels, general organ support and wellbeing remedies. The list of these is huge and without an individualised treatment plan that fits you and your symptom picture it's very hard to recommend any specifics. The joy of seeing a homeopath is that we will tailor the treatment just for you and support you in addressing diet and activity in your life, rebalancing energy levels and reducing stress.


If you’d like to chat more about what homeopathy might do for you please do book a curiosity chat with me through the centre. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & best wishes Rebecca"


You can contact Rebecca for more support regarding your diabetes by visiting her profile page here https://centreforintegralhealth.com/about-us/our-practitioners/rebecca-dove-/

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