Better support through Homeopathy on Parental Mental Health Day

Better support through Homeopathy on Parental Mental Health Day

Better support through homeopathy on Parent Mental Health Day

As we show our support for parent mental health day, centre homeopath Rebecca Dove-Thomas talks to us about how we can be better enabled for parenting through homeopathy.


"It’s quite possible there is nothing more likely to be triggering and bring up your ‘stuff’ than having children.

Apologies for starting with such an intense statement, but I really didn’t want to beat about the bush – there are times being a parent is so difficult and it tests EVERYTHING you’re made of. You absolutely need someone in your corner. Someone who gets it, isn’t judging you and can offer real support and solutions – whatever it is that’s going on for you.

This is what I offer in my homeopathic practice. Support for the range of ailments and difficulties of children, and emotional and practical support for parents. I’m a mum to a four-year-old and a step-parent to a pre-teen and teenager. I know how difficult it is, goodness knows I’ve had my share of issues and challenges to overcome, and still do. But I’ve turned to homeopathy whenever it's too much, feels stuck or is just plain nightmarish – and it always gets us moving again.

Here’s a really important question for all parents reading this. Where does your mental well-being rank in your household?

I know as a parent myself my own well-being seems to come somewhere between everyone else and the spiders in the household on a fairly regular basis.

I have to face it sometimes that things feel rubbish because I haven’t made it top of the list for some time. The saying goes it takes a village to raise our children, yet so many of us feel alone in the process, even if we have supportive partners or families because no matter how you look at it raising children is A LOT.


I know from experience reaching out for help and support is not the easiest. I know I need a time out to do my own thing, have some fun, exercise and get creative but I often struggle to make that my priority. I love my son to the end of the universe and back, but if I haven’t put anything back in my own pot everything gets so much harder.

It’s not been the easiest of times for parents either. The lockdown turned family life upside down for everyone and it's clear the effects are still with us.

I had my son at the end of 2018, so he was very small when the pandemic happened and most of it we spent alone and isolated. I didn’t have the challenge of homeschooling of an older child or balancing work with that, but suddenly I lost the network of other parents, groups and family connections just when our world should have been taking off and expanding. The pressure of being inside with a curious and exploring toddler was intense, to say the least, and there were times I thought I’d go off the deep end. I think that time has had a lasting impact on me and there is no doubt I still get little a sense of panic if for any reason we are stuck at home even now.

This was absolutely a time I turned to homeopathic support myself. My homeopath and I came across a little-known remedy called Kola, which seemed made for the times' parents wanting to be good parents but feeling overwhelmed and isolated, who can’t tolerate even the tiniest interruption from their children. I can say at the time it was a lifesaver and helped me so much to shift out of the sense of having nowhere to turn. Another great remedy for overwhelm and exhaustion is Sepia, from the ink of the cuttlefish. The keynote is feeling switched off, going through the motions but not feeling yourself at all. Motivation is low and just like that cloud of ink, you might feel like a dark cloud has settled over you.

A sense of duty, responsibility and inability to cope if our role in the world is negatively affected can also have a huge impact on us and our family life. There are some great remedies for people who take responsibility, but feel the overwhelm at times like natrum carbonicum - the over giver sacrificing their own well-being for the sake of others, or the high-performing aurum (responsible, hard-working and suffers terribly from depression and letting others down, especially if there is a loss of position - as they feel they are unable to provide for their families.

This is not a time to be alone in all this. Reaching out for help has made a huge difference to myself and the families I work with and I’d really encourage anyone who is finding parenting hard to get in touch. I often signpost parents to other support services that help tackle the things they most need help with – it's all about finding the village.

So if this resonates with you please do get in touch. I do a free 30 minute discovery call via zoom that lets us chat through what is happening for you and how I might be able to help you and your family. Let me be in your corner!"


You can connect with Rebecca and shcedule that discovery call via her profile

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