What is a poetry healing day?

What is a poetry healing day?

There are as many different types of poems as there are films and novels, just because you don’t like several of them, doesn’t mean you write off the whole creative medium. There is a multitude of poems that are accessible, meaningful, uplifting and very pertinent to people’s life issues. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to explore.

The day consists of being presented with a series of poems which take you on a journey. There will be a running theme for the day usually. Participants are invited to discuss their personal responses (no right or wrong answers) to the poems, and will be given a writing prompt to deepen that exploration. It is always optional if people want to share what they’ve written, but it’s often through this sharing that deeper connection and understanding arises.

Groups are incredibly supportive as Bethany Rivers professionally and sensitively holds the space as a safe space for any emotions to arise. Days have been successfully run to inspire creativity; enable healing; deal with loss, depression, bereavement, terminal illness diagnosis, amongst other things. They are guaranteed to be memorable and beautiful events.

Come and find out on 10th December and feel the heart warming and inspiring words for yourself.

10 - 4pm. Just bring pen, paper, packed lunch and willingness to explore. Please contact Bethany Rivers to book.


You can also read more about why poetry healing is so powerful in my previous postHow Poetry Healing Helped Meor you can read my original short story on thisPoetry Healing: Persephone Darkness part 1 of 2

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