Simple January Detox From Integral Health Shrewsbury

Simple January Detox From Integral Health Shrewsbury

It always seems to be, that after the Christmas holiday and the inevitable sins of sloth and gluttony that seem to take us over during the break, the relentless over consumption that leaves us feeling like a thirsty diabetic come the return to work, that we need some sort of clean out or detox.

Many scientists will tell you there is no such thing as detox, that the body cannot do more than it does. And it is true that 90% of our waste is endogenous, in that it comes from our own metabolic breakdown, of which digestion is a key player for that. That it is only when our own internal metabolic detoxification mechanisms are running under par, or are over burdened, that the external or exogenous toxins become an issue.

The Chinese in their 5 element theory would also say that now is not a good time to have a detox, that the main organ to support for this, the liver, would be better to wait for spring, which is it's seasonal time, to do the clean out.

So at Integral Health Shrewsbury, we have a simple solution for you, don't punish yourself.

Don't tell yourself you were bad or wrong or should have been doing better.

You don't need to torture yourself to make amends

You don't need to turn into some sort of super-abstainer to be ok with yourself again.

You can just go back to eating a normal healthy diet and cut back the processed foods, sugar, alcohol and be aware of how much you are having at each meal.

We don't advocate going on harsh or extreme detoxes here, they cause problems if you don't have the time and space to really allow yourself to rest and take care of yourself.

So if like most of us you are still working full time and caring for your family etc, it is better to take a more sustained gentle approach.

The Centre for Integral Health Web Shop has a range of herbal detox programmes that are designed to work more gently, over a sustained period of time. So that with the simple changes of cutting processed foods, sugar, alcohol and reducing grains and dairy, you can support the organs of elimination and help get your normal process of digesting and eliminating back to its optimum. They can be done for between 1-3 months (with a 10% discount if you purchase a 3 month programme) and give you are really thorough but gentle support to get back to normal healthy functioning.

The two programmes that we suggest at this point in the year are the Detox Programme and the Colon Cleanse Programme.

The Colon Programme is doing exactly what it says on the tin, helping the bowel move healthily. It comes with simple formulas based on cascara to help encourage the bowel, without being as harsh or causing dependence as a laxative would. So you can safely take the formula and not be concerned about being out of control. It also comes with a mixed probiotic strain to help support healthy gut flora, absorption and immune system.

The Detox Programme is a slightly more general body programme with formulas to help the liver and kidney and bowel to do their jobs more efficiently. Three separate formulas working together to give a gentle general stimulation to the major detox organs without causing lots of disruption to your working day and without difficult or awkward meal plans etc.

We have worked with both here at Integral Health for over 10yrs and can safely say that both the quality of the product and it's effects have always been beneficial and helpful when it comes to restoring optimum function of the body.

Given that we are still in quite a volatile point in the year for our immune systems and if you don't have a strong digestion already to help protect your body from infection. You might also want to consider supplementing with our Immune Programme or our Sinus Programme if you feel that you might be susceptible to catching infections. The stronger you can make yourself the better. These infections can't germinate on inappropriate soils, just like seeds won't flourish on barren ground.

So don't leave yourself feeling sluggish, dull, stuck. Take a simple approach to making change, avoid giving yourself a hard time and easily get your digestion working back to optimum levels with our handy and easy to use programmes. You'll find yourself feeling better in a short period of time and without all the torture.

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