Keeping Well this Winter with Integral Health Shrewsbury

Keeping Well this Winter with Integral Health Shrewsbury

Winter is an interesting time in the UK, the weather can be all sorts of unpredictable, but what we do know is that people's lives will generally come under more pressure and increasing stress as we head towards Christmas.

This is a funny point in the year when people are working hard to meet end of year deadlines, before the Christmas holidays start. Plus the pressure of getting ready for Christmas seems to send us all a bit doolally.

This often results in not caring for ourselves as best we could and we often eat less healthily and drink more alcohol, all of which results in a less robust immune system, making us more prone to winter illness. And if you've been sensible enough to avoid the pointless winter jab, you might still need a little help to stay on top.

At Centre for Integral Health we have a range of great products that will help keep you in top form. Quality well made formulas that do exactly what they say on the tin, so you can be confident that you will benefit from using them.

Direct from our shop you can buy a range of herbal combinations that will help in a range of situations. for the Immune system we have our Immune Programme, which not only boosts immune function, but also encourages the lymph system to avoid congestion and back up of pathogenic organisms in the body. We also have our Sinus Programme to help keep the sinuses fresh and clear, limiting the build up of mucus in the body. If it is just your lungs that seem to take the brunt of the winter stress, then our Lung Programme with support healthy lung function and also contains natural antimicrobials to reduce the chances of infection. 

If it is more of an antidote to the party season you are looking for, or something that will help you tolerate what you know will be a stressful eating/drinking season for you body, you can jump straight into our Detox Programme, which helps to care for Liver, Kidney and Bowel all in one great combination. Or you can jump straight in for the system you know will be most effected and have either the Liver Programme, just for liver support (especially if you think you are going to hit that one harder) or the Kidney Programme, if its the cold and damp that seem to get you more (this one will make you clear a lot of fluid from your body).

Whatever your choice, just know that we are here to give you expert advice and support throughout the season and to keep you healthy and robust. But remember the best results come from prevention not cure, so we highly recommend that you act now rather than waiting until the proverbial virus has bolted.

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