New Meditation Series - The Sovereignty Year, begins with Winter Solstice on Saturday 21st December 2013

New Meditation Series - The Sovereignty Year, begins with Winter Solstice on Saturday 21st December 2013

This will be a unique opportunity to engage with a series of meditations developed by Sue & Simon Lilly to work with the natural cycles of the year.
We will be using a combination of guided visualisation, atomised essences, audio essences and visual patterns to create a highly focussed environment to connect to the energy of the earth, helping to create grounding and stability for the next phase of the year.

Based on Sue Lilly's work on how the goddess of the land is a major archetype in British and Irish tradition. Each of the * events that will take place over the next year will ties into on of the traditional moments for marking time through the year via the solstices, equinoxes and quarter days between them so that approximately every 6 weeks there will be a special meditation evening to focus and connect to energy of the land as is represented in the different faces of the goddess at each point.

Threads through many other cultures also speak of the Power of the Land and that man must be blessed to maintain a balance with nature. Each of the meditations can be used like stepping stones to enable us to link with the cycles of Nature and the Land, helping to stabilise our energies and our lives.

Sovereignty is usually seen in the context of nationhood; who has power over running the country. But in many traditions there is a broader view, that of the Goddess of Sovereignty or Goddess of the Land. Rules of the land would need to have union or hold contract with the Goddess of the Land, to be able to maintain their status. In some traditions the King would be symbolically married to the Land.Part of the contract would be that the king was bound to uphold the law, preserve justice and honour the rituals of the community. If the contract was broken, he would cease to be king and champion of the goddess.

The implications of Sovereignty are not confined to king or ruler. It is equally applicable in how we as individuals interact with other people. It is also applicable in how we think of and treat ourselves. Meeting the challenge of Sovereignty is to expose our compassion, our sense of natural justice and our loyalty to the land and Its People. In this process we reach out for our own Grail. Our progress then contributes to the collective effort to heal our planet.

Although the imagery we will be using is drawn from a Celtic tradition, the energies they represent are present in all cultures, worldwide. Every country or large area of land has its own version of the Goddess Sovereignty.

The first of these events, the Winter Solstice energy connects us to the Earth Goddess in the form of Rangell the Dame of Riddles. Held on December 21st at 7pm at the Centre for Integral Health.
Helping us to meet the challenge of dealing with emotions. Whilst keeping a dynamic and outgoing outer energy, the hidden world of morals, ethics and beliefs that control our lives, is made available for us to reassess and create healing for ourselves where necessary

This meditation evening is FREE (although donations to the centre are gratefully accepted) and open to all. No experience necessary.
Please arrive by 7pm as the door will be locked to avoid disturbance.

The next in the series of these meditations will be for the quarter day Imbolc at the start of February. Check back to the events page for more details closer to the time.

for more information just contact Ben Calder on 07748947131 or email

or connect to our event pageon the Centre Calender.

Acknowledgements: The body of this work is taken from Sue Lilly's guide to the Sovereignty Year available fromgreenmanshop

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