New Meditation Events in February and March 2014

New Meditation Events in February and March 2014

The first of our events will give you the chance to continue in the 12 month cycle of deeper earth connection through the Sovereignty series we are running this year. 1st Feb sees us presenting the Imbolc part of the cycle, the first of the quarter days that appear between the solstices and equinoxes. Come and be a part of this unique moment filled with visualisation, audio and vibrational essences and visual energy patterns as we set to focus on growth for the next part of the year.

More information can be foundhereand a further post will be put up the week before the event.

The second event we will be hosting is the a premier of The Big Mind process developed by Genpo Roshi, a zen master and Integral practitioner, to allow those who have never experienced the fourth state of consciousness, non-dual reality, the opportunity to reach it through this powerful and unique process for guiding the mind through the states of meditation. This will then be followed with an opportunity for questions and discussion as well as the explanation of how to repeatedly reach this state from this point on. The day will be presented by Ben Calder who has been working with the Big Mind process since 2011.

More information on this can be foundhere.

And lastly just a heads up that starting on Wednesday 26th February from 7-9pm, we will have the first part of the Introduction to Integral Health being held. This will be a three part series of FREE lectures running once a month (26th March and 30th April for parts 2+3) which will introduce you to the theory and concepts of the Integral Model and its applications to the field of health. This will give you the opportunity to come and learn what the Integral approach is and how it can be used by you to give you a fuller, more rich experience and understanding of your life and the lives of all people. More details about this will be presented at the end of January.

Please share this info and I would love to hear if you have any comments or questions about this.


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