Mindfulness as a simple way to radically change your life

Mindfulness as a simple way to radically change your life

Stop whatever you are doing right now and close your eyes, feel your feet on the ground and just focus on your breathe! What sensations are you noticing as your breath flows through your body? Probably not something you normally pay much attention to. However, this is the basis of mindfulness, an awareness of the richness of your experience in each moment. A simple practice in essence, but one which needs to be embodied to be of benefit.

Mindfulness may sound like the latest buzzword, but this centuries-old notion of paying wise attention to whatever is happening in our lives is more than just a trendy philosophy. It can do wonders to enhance our enjoyment of life and to deal more effectively with stressful challenges. Mindfulness is being used in many fields from companies such as Google, to the NHS, to top athletes, such as world number one tennis player Djokovic and in education where it is already being successfully taught in many schools.

The next 8 week mindfulness course starts Thursday 15th January 7 – 9 pm and will give you the tools to learn through your experience how to take better care of yourself by understanding the interplay of mind and body and allowing greater access to inner resources for coping, growing and healing. The course combines meditation, dialogue, reflective inquiry, mindful movement and communication as a means to working more effectively with the challenges of everyday life as well as and including stress, pain, depression and illness. It is based on a form of meditation, with its roots in Buddhist practices. The beauty of this mindfulness course is that you are not alone and this is done as part of a community learning where everyone is welcomed and accepted exactly as they are, creating meaningful encounters with others on a powerful mindful journey together.

Mindfulness utilises the latest in neuroscience discoveries in neuroplasticity. Essentially, this is the idea that the brain can be shaped by our experience. The course guides participants through practices to build the mental muscle that has real life implications to handle life situations differently. It can be life transforming to find that the things that used to stress you out might not stress you in the same way any longer.

Comments from participants who have completed the 8 week mindfulness programme with Louise:
""Using the techniques taught by Louise, I was able to manage my levels of stress more effectively, enabling me to face daily challenges in a calmer way and focus on being more productive at work and in my family. Really benefitted from the meditation practices, great with helping me to sleep better. I would recommend anyone to give mindfulness a try""
""This was a powerful course, which enabled me to be more aware of feelings and thoughts and accepting whatever was present for me. I learnt so much about myself and my patterns and how I communicate with others. The connection I had with the other participants was very strong and powerful""
""I have got so much out of the entire course. A wonderful beginning to my mindfulness journey. Extremely well delivered and very thought provoking. The course has made me focus on what's important and given me the tools to look after myself a great deal better""

CLASSES: Thursdays 7 – 9 pm commencing 15.01.15 at The Centre for Integral Health, The Old School House, 4 St Austin's Friars, Claremont Bank, Shrewsbury, SY1 1RY. Silent Day Retreat 08.02.15

COST: £195 to include classes, course handbook, meditation CDs and silent day retreat. (No one is turned away for financial reasons, so if cost is an issue and this fee is out of your range, then please contact me)

ABOUT LOUISE: I have worked in education for over 20 years in a variety of roles, teaching children and adults. My mindfulness training has been through the Centre for Mindfulness at Bangor University and the Mindfulness in Schools Project. I offer: 8 week mindfulness courses for adults; courses for staff and students in schools and colleges; individual and family mindfulness classes; Circling (interpersonal meditation) workshops

CONTACT INFORMATION: Louise Birch BEd (Hons) and Mindfulness Teacher at Mindful Living Shropshire klbirch@talk21.com mobile: 07761404216

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