Systemic Constellations

Do I need any further knowledge before a session?

No, you don't. It's great to just come to a session and be totally open about the process. The more open you can be and the more you can stay with your issue, the more we are able to find a way forward and tune into a possible solution. Sometimes approaching this work too much with the head is actually preventing fully tuning into whatever wants to come up in the session.

How does it work?

We offer a first check in phone call to find out what issue is present for you right now. Then we plan our work together. Each session is unique to each person as it depends entirely on what you bring and what your background is as to what we will set up and look at. We can use different tools to map out the issue and to find a possible way forward together with you. The process is very body based, getting in tune with your own wisdom and inner place of resources. We may combine this with meditation and with NLP and Life Coaching techniques to further the impact in your life.

How many sessions do I need?

This depends entirely on what you bring and need. Sometimes one session is enough to get you into flow again. Sometimes it needs a couple of sessions or more to get deeper into the issue. And sometimes people value the consistency of this work on an ongoing basis for a while until they have the feeling life is flowing forward again. We will find the best way forward for you together. This work is also very beneficial in combination with other approaches. Constellation work is often highly recommended as a first step for exploring an issue and once the flow is moving again, it can be beneficial to get additional health support to move things further. So check out the offers of all the different practitioners at the Centre to find your most beneficial combination of services together.

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Systemic Constellations is Offered at the Centre by:

Franziska Maria Pretsch

Advanced Facilitator of Systemic Constellations, NLP Business Practitioner & Life Coach

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