How does Homeopathy help you Love your Liver and manage your weight?

How does Homeopathy help you Love your Liver and manage your weight?

How does seeing a Homeopath help you Love your Liver and manage your weight?


As part of "Love your Liver" month, our resident Homeopath Rebecca Dove is going to explore the importance of your liver and how homeopathy can help support a reduction of stress on this most vital organ.


"Let’s start at the beginning, with the liver and why it is such an important organ when it comes to how our bodies metabolise food and stay healthy, 


The liver is the biggest internal organ, and it has an equally big role in keeping us healthy.  In Chinese medicine, the liver is the mother of fire in the body energetically, a veritable powerhouse that we just don’t even think about most of the time.  A vital part of us that is key to processing hormones, digesting food, and transforming energy to a form for the body to use or store.   


A well-loved liver gives us all the oomph we need to live a happy balanced life.  A stressed and sluggish liver on the other hand is going to slow us down and make times like menopause or older age tougher going, can contribute to weight gain, problematic sleep issues, and mood swings and lead to poor elimination of toxins and inevitably chronic illness.  It works closely alongside gallbladder, pancreatic and kidney function so a bit of liver support can also improve their function.


What is the link between obesity and your liver? - The liver is a very busy organ.  One of its most important jobs is the management of energy in the body.  Here’s a very quick science lesson, so please bear with me:


The liver is an essential metabolic organ, and its impact on digestion is massive.  It manages a lot of the complex chemistry needed to process carbs, fats and protein in the body.  Sugars are processed by the liver and either used immediately as glucose or stored as glycogen, ready for quick energy release.  The liver also processes all the fatty acids in the body and storage of triglycerides, the building blocks of the fat cells in the body.  The pressure we put on our livers through poor diets, alcohol consumption, and stress means a knock-on effect on the whole body and means the liver is working harder and less efficiently which also makes it harder to shift the pounds.


So what can homeopathy do to help?

As homeopaths we don’t treat named diseases.  We look at you as a whole person, your energy levels, sleep patterns and what is going on at a deeper level and prescribe the gentle natural remedies that help catalyse your body’s powerful ability to heal itself.  Mostly this will cover liver function as a part of the whole, supporting well-being overall and the ways the body naturally restores its balance.


A constitutional or whole-person homeopathic prescription can cover all of this and help all functions go a bit easier. In other cases such as where there has been long-term conventional medication, alcohol use or a history of symptoms directly associated with your life such as fatty liver  - we can support the liver directly to improve its function and make it and you less stressed.  Remedies such as milk thistle, dandelion and Chelidonium are given in low diluted homeopathic potency alongside the constitutional remedy. In weight management, the right constitutional remedy can help to uncover negative eating patterns or support metabolic responses in general, alongside liver support remedies to assist in sustaining a healthy body weight and appetite long term.  Getting these things right can help alongside good dietary advice, getting to the root of our difficulties with weight gain, and using methods like intermittent fasting, and regular movement all contribute to a healthier balance and an easier weight loss journey.


If you’d like to chat more about homeopathic liver support and weight management support please get in touch.  A free and no obligation 30 minute Curiosity Chat with me can answer any of your questions and help us see if we have the right chemistry to work together.  Contact the centre to book in now."


You can contact Rebecca directly through her profile page here

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