Are You Suffering With Stress?

Are You Suffering With Stress?

Are you suffering with stress?

I mean, how would you know? Life carries on and we get so used to one thing being the norm that we may not even realise that we are, but like a bottle of pop that has been shuck up, that pressure can build and it is only when something twists the cap off that we can realise there is a problem.  And we are not alone! In a survey done in the early part of 2018 by Forth, it was concluded based on evidence that up to 85% of the population are struggling with some level of stress.

Which means less than 2 people in every 10 can say they live stress free.

So what are the signs?

After all, its not like a broken leg, if you poke it you feel pain. Stress is a hidden problem, yet it can affect us on so many levels. From leading to physical ailments, to the less seen mental and emotional problems, not to mention the vast amount of time stress causes in time off for employees in the work place. Here are some of the key things that can indicate you are carrying more stress than you need.

  • If you are feeling: Overwhelmed, wound up, anxious, fearful, struggling with self-image and esteem
  • If you seem to be worrying all the time, your mind racing, finding it difficult to concentrate, struggling to make decisions.
  • Are you experiencing headaches, muscle pain, dizziness, sleep problems, a lack of energy, find yourself eating either too much or too little?
  • If you drink and smoke has it increased, or drinking more coffee that usual, have you been snappy and irritable with those around you, been putting off facing some of life’s challenges?

The likely hood is that at least one day a week if you think about it you will probably realise you are going through some of this. How good would it feel to let go and be free in your life?


Stress is our response to certain situations and stimuli, when we feel there is a demand or a threat the fight or flight reaction kicks in. This in days gone by would have protected us from things that wanted to eat us or kill us. In the modern world we have few such threats, but the response is still there. A little stress can be a good thing, helping us achieve our best, or avoiding a situation, it focuses us and gives us a burst of energy. On the other hand, in a modern day world the mind can feel it is always under threat, in this way stress becomes a bad thing as we stay in emergency mode.  We may not see any lions waiting to pounce but that primitive part of our mind still reacts as though there is, so we start running on stress. This leads us to mental, emotional and physical burnout if not dealt with.


The thing is, it is a pattern, a behaviour, based upon the story we tell ourselves. The beauty with the work I do as a hypnotist is we can go directly into the unconscious mind, communicating with that part of you and allowing it to realise that there is no great threat to your life, identify the thought patterns that are causing the reaction and change them.  For some just going through some relaxation and general mind clearing can be all that is needed. Sometimes all we need to be able to do is stop awhile and the mind will realise for itself that it has been running on emergency when there was no need.  At deeper levels of stress we may need to target general aspects of life to release thoughts and ideas that keep us anchored to the stress reaction, and at deeper levels still we may need to get specific, identifying and targeting areas which are the root cause of our stress.


That is why I came up with the three-week programme:

Just Relax

Let Go, Relax

Let go, Transform, Relax


Each of these looks at releasing stress from your life allowing you to feel freer, be more focused, have more energy, better health in your life. And how much more do you want to do that?

Dealing with the stress in our lives not only benefits us, but it benefits those we love and care about. If we are in the best place, we can be then we can be the best we can for our nearest and dearest. In fact, all our relationships benefit when we look at the removing the stress from our lives.

Stress does not have to be a problem! How much more than great can you feel by taking control of your life now.

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