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Alison Hopkins

Alison Hopkins

BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist

Positive mental health and well-being is something I’m extremely passionate about and believe that everyone has the right to good mental health.


I’ve worked in the NHS for over two decades as a practitioner and senior service leader, specialising in mental health and well-being in my roles as an Occupational Therapist and as a BABCP accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (CBT). This has given me valuable insight and understanding of what positive mental health means for the individual, and invaluable experience I can draw on to support you.


I offer the following services:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

CBT with exposure and response prevention

Trauma-focused CBT

Behavioural Activation 

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)


Conditions that I treat:

  • Stress

  • Panic attacks

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder

  • Social Anxiety

  • Health Anxiety

  • Worry

  • Phobias

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Depression

  • Sleep problems

  • Managing health conditions

  • Long Covid

  • Low confidence and self esteem

  • Low motivation 

You can learn more via my website https://www.alisonhopkinscbt.com/


Alison offers the following services:

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  • Training & Professional Accreditation

I have a postgraduate diploma in CBT and have practised this in NHS Talking Therapies for Anxiety and Depression Services (previously known as IAPT Improving Access to Psychological Therapies). During this time, I have helped thousands of clients to manage their anxiety and depression in a way that was right for them based on the NICE guidelines. This has also included me taking the lead for Long Term Conditions (including Long Covid) and safeguarding children, creating, developing and implementing care pathways as well as designing group programmes and delivering one-to-one treatment. 


CBT involves looking at your thoughts, feelings body sensations and behaviours to understand your difficulties. It focuses on the ‘here and now’ and is based on your goals for therapy. It is very collaborative with me working with and listening to understand your difficulties and teaching you practical ways to identify, challenge and replace unhelpful response patterns.


The range of techniques I can use in our sessions to enhance the effectiveness of treatment include behaviour activation, mindfulness, behavioural experiments, cognitive restructuring, exposure, and imaginal exposure. I am also trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassionate Focus Therapy (CFT) which I can bring to therapy sessions to improve outcomes.


In addition, I am a qualified EMDR practitioner (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) which uses bi-lateral simulation combined with talk therapy in a specific and structured format. It is primarily used with PTSD, though there is growing evidence it can be effective with other presentations such as phobias.


In my spare time, I am a keen athlete, training and competing in running and triathlon. I have a strong interest in physical activity and the positive impact it can have on mental health and created the NHS's first-ever 'Running to Better Health' programme – an innovative structured running programme that used physical activity alongside the provision of CBT strategies to improve wellbeing, based on NICE guidelines. The programme was covered in a feature I published in CBT Today magazine, detailing the course impact and benefits of physical activity for anxiety and depression.



Professional Qualifications

  • Diploma in Occupational Therapy

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  • Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) 


Professional Registration

  • Health and Care Professions Council

  • British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) - Fully Accredited Psychotherapist





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"Working with Fran over the last few months has been a joy. I loved the variety in our sessions. Many different techniques always resulting in breakthroughs that Fran then helped me to process. Thanks again!

I've been working with Ben for just over a year now and have found his support incredibly helpful. Most recently, Ben has taught me specific techniques for managing emotional response and staying calm and in control during moments of extreme pressure. Ben's walk and talk sessions are fantastic and I would highly recommend him!

Excellent service from start to finish, the booking system was very straightforward and the clinic is spotlessly clean. I can highly recommend Ben Calder who has given me my life back!! After suffering debilitating headaches for many years, and having various medications and procedures done by neurologists, two sessions with Ben has completely cured them. There is no pressure to book further appointments, unlike some therapists.

So I cant quite believe Im writing this a week on but his legs seem nearly cleared, hes now not drinking any milk.... he eats more in one meal than he did all day and I dont want to speak to soon but 2 nights now he has slept through.compared to waking under every 2 hours the last few weeks. ...in one small week our lives seem much improved!

"I really struggle to meditate. To sit in silence and with my own thoughts. I had a huge fear of being alone before I met Fran. I wanted to calm my thoughts when I was struggling. Fran recorded an audio that I listen to when I feel myself spiralling down into my negative emotions. It helps me to remember that I'm never alone and I can listen to it wherever I am. Thanks so much Fran!

Working with Fran over the last few months has been a joy. I loved the variety in our sessions. Many different techniques always resulting in breakthroughs that Fran then helped me to process. Thanks again!

I would like to thank Wan, for a deep tissue and stone massage, it's an experience that I've never had before, already booked for next week, I would recommend this to anyone, please look at there website as there are numerous things to do within the complex.

10 days after the session for my daughter, she received a "Heart Award" at school for her positivity. She has been bright, positive and done after school activities - clubs and sports 4/5 evenings! She wouldn't even leave the house unless 100% required a few weeks back. I thought I should share this with you. Thank you.

I highly recommend the Centre for Integral Health. I've been here for multiple sessions with Ben Calder, and honestly, you need to go and experience it for yourself. Friendly, professional and just a generally positive experience all around! The Centre offers such a range of services, I can't wait to try out a few of the other therapies they offer!

Great service from Ben and his team. If you want your aches and pains sorting out or if you feel your life just isn't in balance you really should give Integral Health a try...

Before I had a series of Bowen sessions I had lived with lower back pain and discomfort for over ten years. I chose the Bowen technique as I wanted to be treated by a practitioner who understood that the body is a whole system. The technique itself is not invasive or stressful on the body as the underlying approach is that with the right support, time and gentle encouragement the body can heal.

I am sure that if it wasnt for your classes, the function in my left bicep would have not come back. Also I would have not been able to recover from my chemotherapy so quickly, I can not thank you enough.

Went very well. Was very happy with how friendly and welcoming it all was, and the treatment was at the highest quality.

I had four Bowen sessions each about three weeks apart, after the first session I felt a notable difference in my posture and in the strength of my spine, strangely I felt taller. By the fourth session I knew that my discomfort had been resolved and I am now able to move much more freely and flexibly without worrying about my back.

Love the Qigong classes Ben runs. Professional, safe and informative. Thanks Ben

I would definitely recommend Fran to anyone who is looking for a little guidance. Fran is very warm and so easy to talk to. Even online, I was able to instantly connect to Fran, and she really listens and has the ability to help guide without judgement. I'm grateful for the work she has done for me

I used the centre to help training and preparation for a marathon. As well as getting some great advice around technique and training, I was also introduced to Bowen Technique which helped repair a slight hamstring injury and also Kinesiology which allowed me to design a bespoke training diet. Would definitely recommend.

Had several neuro-energetic kinesiology appointments at the Centre and found the experience to be very beneficial and eye-opening. Would recommend to anyone. 5 star

I'd also like to say that the appointments I have had with you have made such a big difference to my life. Although it's been hard cutting things out of my diet, I can't believe how much my skin has improved since my appointment with you. I will continue to recommend you to my family and friends because as I have said, the appointments I have had with you over the years have improved my well-being so much!

Got an appointment through really quickly. The staff were really friendly and made the procedures and testing easy to understand throughout, step by step. Really pleased with the outcome. Finally got the answers I was looking for and would highly recommend.

Went there yesterday for my first yoga session. It's a great little place. Didn't know it was there until a few months ago. I also go there often to have a massage which I love!

I feel like Ive come such a long way since my first session with you and I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for the treatments and advice youve given me Thank you Ben!!!

I was very impressed by the service from Integral Health. I was contacted and offered an appointment immediately after contacting the centre. Ben Calder gave me excellent advice and managed to sort out my issues in only one session.I would highly recommend this clinic.

Wow! As I left my session with the amazingly knowledgeable Ben Calder I said: I feel lighter! I feel so light because I now know what my body does and does not like. I cannot stop talking to everyone about how amazing Ben is! Everyone should go and see him! What an amazing soul Ben is! Super grateful that our lives crossed